Input siegt in Köln 

Im Kölner Fegentri-Rennen, einem AG4 über 1.600 Meter, kam Input unter Silke Brüggemann als Höchstgewicht an den Start. Der Wallach von Maria Hoffmann löste die Aufgabe in gutem Stil, nahm in der Geraden das Heft in die Hand und lief einem sicheren Sieg entgegen.

Silke Brüggemann: "Mauritius is a real paradise and I will do my best so that I can go there."

The 15th round of the « Fédération Internationale des Gentlemen-riders et des Cavalières » (FEGENTRI), was held on the Saturday 13th of July 2013 at the Cologne's racetrack in Germany. The race was won by Input, horse trained by Christian von der Recke, who was ridden by the German Silke Brüggemann.

The FEGENTRI is an international association which was created in 1955 so as to promote and to develop international horse racing. These races are reserved only for amateur riders. The women horse-riders World Championship consists only of flat races and is fought in North America, Asia, Africa and in seventeen different countries of Europe. It is the best amateur riders of each country, which is a member of the FEGENTRI, who are selected to represent their country. Furthermore, they all have a full-time profession but they share this common passion which is horseracing.

Rated at 3.7, Input, red brown horse, bred by Aerion and Icandra, carried on its back 67.5kg. Horse aged 7 years old, it was the favorite of the race and did not disappoint, brilliantly winning the race named Anton Pohlkötter-Erinnerungsrennen, which was fought on a distance of 1600 m. Emerging from its 7th line, the German horsewoman did not compel her horse and let it run smoothly in the 6th position. In the final straight line, she launched her attack taking the inside run and the horse responded favorably to win an easy race in front of Smart Shuffle (Jessica Marcialis), Big Time Charlie (Catherine Burri) and Westwood Dawn (Barbara Guenet). After the race, the German woman of 27 years old declared "I knew that my horse was a good horse and that its trainer always kept his horses in a good form. However, Input was carrying a very high weight but he did everything very well to win the race easily with two lengths."

After having won her first race this year on the 14th round with Ifannik Sacc in Norway, to win her second race in her homeland had a special meaning for Silke Brüggemann. "It was such a good feeling to win in my country. There were so many people present and I really like this track. It was a great moment. Until Norway I did not have any success during the FEGENTRI. You can imagine how happy I was after winning two times."

Following her second victory, Silke Brüggemann is now ranked to the fifth position with 79 points. What she is hoping now is to do her best so as to represent her country in the last race of the Championship which will be held in Mauritius on the 8th December 2013.

"I am now in the fifth position and I would be very happy to be a part of the last race for the FEGENTRI season. Everybody says that Mauritius is a real paradise and I will try my best so that I can go there. I think that every girl wants to go to Mauritius and I hope that I will be invited" Silke Brüggemann concluded.

Text: Nicolas Marie-Jeanne

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